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Bhutan Festival Tours

Bhutan Festival Dates 2014 and 2015 for Tours

The Tsechu is a festival in honor of Guru Padmasambava – “one who was born from a Lotus flower”, popularly known as “Guru Rinpoche”, the precious Teacher. This saint contributed enormously to the diffusion of Tantirc Buddhism in the Himalayan regions of Tibet , Nepal , Bhutan etc. around 800 A.D. The Tsechu is a religious festival and by attending it, it is believed one gains merits. It is also a yearly social gathering where the people gather to rejoice, dressed in finery. The Thimphu Tsechu was established by the 4th Temporal Ruler, Tenzing Rabgye (1638-1696) in 1670 on the 8th month of Bhutanese calendar to commemorate the birth of Guru Rinpoche. In order that Bhutan can rejoice in continued happiness, many learned lamas established the tradition of these dances. The deities of the Tantric teaching are invoked during these dances. Through their power and benediction, all misfortunes are annihilated, and peace and happiness reign.

Festival Tours in Bhutan offer Tourists a complete insight into the nation’s vibrant religion & Culture. The most popular events in the cultural itinerary are the Thimphu , Paro, Punakha, Wangdue and Bumthang Tshechus/Festival. Tsechus are weeklong festivals where the teachings of Padmasambhava are imparted to the deity through mask dances. The other attraction of Festival tours is to meet the rural Bhutanese in their quaint hamlets and see first hand their way of life. Here one gets the opportunity to intermingle with the average Bhutanese and to enjoy their hospitality. we have an extensive choice of activities especially designed to enjoy tours, treks and cultural events. Information can be obtained from us as to which exacting festival, tour or trek will be of interest to you.


1          TAKIN FESTIVAL       Damji, GASA   21st February           6th February

2          NOMAD FESTIVAL     Nagsephel, BUMTHANG        23rd February          8th February

3          Bhutan International Marathon     (Annual Event organized by BOC)  22nd February

3          PUNAKHA DRUBCHEN         Punakha Dzong, PUNAKHA  8th – 10th March      23rd – 27th February

4          PUNAKHA TSHECHU            Punakha Dzong, PUNAKHA  11th – 13th March   28th Feb – 2nd March

5          THARPALING THONGDROL  Tharpaling Lhakhang, Chummi, BUMTHANG        16th March 2014

6          BULLI MANI (CHUMMI)       Buli Lhakhang, Chummi, BUMTHANG

7          CHHORTEN KORA     Chorten Kora, TRASHIYANGTSHE   16th March & 30th March   5th March & 20th March

8          GADEN CHODPA (URA)        Gaden Lhakhang, Ura, BUMTHANG

9          GOMPHUKORA          Gom Kora Lhakhang,TRASHIGANG  7th – 9th April           27th – 29th March

10       TALO TSHECHU         Talo Gonpa,PUNAKHA          7th – 9th April

GASA TSHECHU         Gasa Dzong, GASA      6th – 10th April        27th – 30th March

11       ZHEMGANG TSHECHU          Zhemgang Dzong, ZHEMGANG         7th – 10th April

12       PARO TSHECHU        Rinpung Dzong, PARO          11th – 15th April      31st March – 4th April

13       CHHUKHA TSHECHU            Chhukha Dzong, CHHUKHA

15       RHODODENDRON FESTIVAL           Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, THIMPHU     18th – 20th April

14       DOMKHAR TSHECHU           Domkhar, Chummi, BUMTHANG     9th – 11th May

16       URA YAKCHOE          Ura Lhakhang, BUMTHANG 10th – 14th May       30th April – 4th May

17       PADSEL-LING KUCHOD        Padsel-ling Gonpa, Choekhor, BUMTHANG

18       TAKIN FESTIVAL       Tsharijathang, Laya (JDNP) GASA

19       NIMALUNG TSHECHU           Nimalung Dratshang, Chummi, BUMTHANG          5th – 7th July            24th June – 26th June

20       KURJEY TSHECHU    Kurjey Lhakhang, Choekhor, BUMTHANG  7th July          6th June

21       HAA SUMMER FESTIVAL      Town Festival Ground, HAA 5th – 6th July

22       MATSUTAKE MUSHROOM FESTIVAL         Ura, BUMTHANG       23rd – 24th August

23       TOUR OF THE DRAGON (BICYCLE RACE)  Bumthang to Thimphu         6th September          5th September

24       THIMPHU DRUBCHEN          Tashi Chhodzong, THIMPHU           28th Sept. – 2nd October     18th – 22nd September

25       WANGDUE TSHECHU           Tencholing Army Ground, WANGDUEPHODRANG            1st – 3rd October      21st – 23rd September

26       GANGTEY TSHECHU Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, WANGDUEPHODRANG           1st – 3rd October

27       TAMSHING PHALA CHHOEPA          Tamshing Lhakhang, Choekhor, BUMTHANG        3rd – 5th October     22nd – 24th September

28       THIMPHU TSHECHU Tashi Chhodzong, THIMPHU           3rd – 5th October     23rd – 25th September

29       GASA TSHECHU         Gasa Dzong, GASA      3rd – 5th October

30       THANGBI MANI         Tangbi Lhakhang, Choekor, BUMTHANG    7th – 9th October     27th – 29th October


28       CHHUKHA TSHECHU            Chhukha Dzong,CHHUKHA 31st Oct. – 2nd Nov  21st – 23rd October

32       JAKAR TSHECHU       Jakar Dzong, Choekhor, BUMTHANG           31th Oct – 3rd Nov

32       PEMAGATSHEL TSHECHU    Pemagatshel Dzong, PEMAGATSHEL          4th – 6th November 20th – 23rd October

33       JAMBAY LHAKHANG DRUP  Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, BUMTHANG            6th – 10th November           27th – 31st October

34       PRAKHAR DUCHHOED         Prakar Lhakhang, Chummi, BUMTHANG    7th – 9th November             28th – 30th October

35       BLACK NECKED CRANE FESTIVAL  Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, WANGDUEPHODRANG           11th November         11th November

36       SUMDRANG KANGSOL          Sumdrang Lhakhang, Ura, BUMTHANG

37       CRANE FESTIVAL      Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, WANGDUEPHODRANG

38       MONGAR TSHECHU  Mongar Dzong, MONGAR      28th Nov. – 1st December   18th – 21st November

39       TRASHIGANG TSHECHU       Trashigang Dzong, TRASHIGANG     30th Nov. – 2nd December 19th – 22nd November

40       TANG NAMKHA RABNEY      Tang Namkha, Lhakhang, TANG, BUMTHANG

41       JAMBAY LAKHANG SINGYE CHAM  Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, BUMTHANG            6th December

42       CHOJAM RABNEY      Chojamrab Lhakhang, TANG, BUMTHANG

43       NALAKHAR TSHECHU           Ngaa Lhakhang, Choekhor, BUMTHANG     6th – 8th December             25th – 27th November

45       DRUK WANGYEL TSHECHU Dochula, Thimphu    13th December         13th December

46       TRONGSA TSHECHU Trongsa Dzong, TRONGSA    30th Dec. – 1st January 2015         20th – 22nd December

47       LHUENTSE TSHECHU           Lhuentse Dzong, LHUENTSE            30th Dec. – 1st January 2015         20th – 22nd December

48       SHINGKHAR METOCHODPA            Shingkhar Lhakhang,Ura, BUMTHANG

49       NABJI LHAKHANG DRUP      Nabji Lhakhang, Nabji, TRONGSA    16th-19th January 2015

Trek Duration: Bhutan Tour

The itinerary listed is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This trekking can be modified according to your time and requirements. We will be pleased if you provide every minor details about your trip.

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