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Pokhara Sightseeing Tour

Pokhara, the name is derived from pokhari( Lake or pond). The valley itself is very beautiful with surrounding Annapurna massive ranges including fishtail mountain, from pokhara these mountains look very near and one can see the reflection of the mountain in Phewa Lake . Perhaps it is one of the few places in the world from where one can see subtropical climate of different flower like began belia,banana trees,orchids and Himalaya together. From Pokhara one can also see Dhaulagiri ( the fifth highest mountain of the world) and Manaslu including 56km long Annapuran range and as well as the fishtail mountain (6997m). Actually , the Nepalese name of fishtail is Machhapuchhre. Machha means fish and puchhre means tail and thus the name of the peaks is Machapuchhre which is a virgin Peak.

Pokhara lies between old trade route of Tibet to India. After 959 many Tibetan came to pokhara and settled over there. Tibetan is a Tibetan refugee camp too.

Places to See

Phewa Lake
Phewa Lake is one of the beautiful lakes in Pokhara. It is quite long but so wide. Boat ride in this lake is the best way to explore the beauty of pokhara. Especially early in the morning if mountain is clear, one see the reflection of the mountain in the water. It is also popular to go to for sunrise on Phewa Lake . In the middle of the lake , there is a temple called Bahari. Many religious people go to worship and sacrifice animals particularly on Saturday.

Lake Side
Along the lake, there is a market called the lakeside market where one can get all sort of souvenir and trekking goods. Those tourists who want to go for a trek can buy trekking goods like boots, jackets etc. Many restaurants and small hotels are available at the lakeside .

Mahendra Pool
This is the main market center for the local people to buy their necessities .

Bindabasini Museum
Towards northern end of pokhara city lies temple of Bindabasini . The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Animals are offered and sacrificed in this temple.

Butterfly Museum
Those who are interested to see different butterflies can go to butterfly museum. It is in Prithivi Narayan Campus .

Devi’s Fall
One of the popular destination ion pokhara is Devi’s fall which swells during monsoon time. It is believed that one swiss lady fell down in this fall. From that time, it is known as Devi’s fall. The Nepalese name of this fall is patale Chhango.

Begnas and Rupa Lakes
Both the lakes lies 15 km east of Pokhara . Both lakes are similar than phewa, Begnas lake starts from the villages Sisuwa. From Sisuwa one can go for a hike up to Sundare Danda.

Tibetan Camp
There are two Tibetan camps in Pokhara.The Tibetan people are living in this camp and producing different souvenirs and woolen carpets for tourist.

Surrounding Areas Near by Pokhara
This is a place to see sunrise and also good for hikers. Those who cannot walk can go to Sarangkot by car. From Sarangkot one can hike to Naudanda or back to Phewa Lake

It is a famous place from where the two peaks of fishtail mountain can be distinctly seen. One can drive to Naudanda 25km and one can also 5 hours walk from Sarangkot.

It is another enchating hill from Mahendra pool. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to reach there. From the top, one cab sees the Annapurana range as well as Pokhara valley.

The itinerary listed is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This trekking can be modified according to your time and requirements. We will be pleased if you provide every minor details about your trip.

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